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The subject today is very close to my heart and that is plastic products and what are the alternative to plastic products. Today we hear a lot of news about how plastics are affecting out environment.

In this article I am going to show alternatives to plastic products that in my opinion are actually better for end use than plastic.


Disadvantages of using plastic products

The use of plastic products has increased significantly with many products now being produced using plastic.  In many cases this makes a lot of products more affordable to the end user, along with making certain products lighter in weight compared to other materials.

Many products come packaged in plastic and serve no further use once unwrapped.  This waste plastic then goes into the trash.

plastic waste

Harmful to the Environment

A long with plastic waste being harmful to the environment, such as if it is not disposed of properly, is very harmful to animals that could eat the plastic and die.

Plastic that are used to wrap food that is meant for human consumption actually contain harmful compounds.  These harmful compounds can find their way into the foods being wrap.

Also if these plastics are not disposed of properly can find their way into the water supply and end up being used you or me.

Most of these chemicals have not even gone through an ecological risk appraisal which means that the real impact on human well-being is vague at best.

Phthalates which is used to manufacture PVC is just one example.


Plastics are Generally Non-Biodegradable

Please are generally non-biodegradable, which means that it could take centuries to decay.

This is due to the intermolecular bonds and this structure will ensure that the plastic will not decompose.

So when plastics are disposed of incorrectly, it will get washed away into our water reservoirs and as I mentioned early will find its way back into our homes through our taps.

Plastics will also clog water clog waterways float on top of the reservoirs, polluting and making them look very unsightly.

What is an Alternative to Plastic Products?

In this article I will show you some alternative to plastic products.  I will mainly focus on bamboo products.

Why?  Because when I was doing my research into alternative products I realised that a lot of them where actually made of bamboo and or that bamboo was the main material being used in manufacturing them.

Before I get started here are a couple of interesting facts:

Did you know that the needle in Alexander Graham Bell’s first phonograph was made of bamboo?


Thomas Edison used bamboo as a filament for his glass bulb.


Here are some products made with bamboo, there are a lot of products made with bamboo today and so I have put them in sections for you.

You can access the products by clicking the name of the product or products that you wish to see.


Bamboo is used to make accessories

There are many accessories made with bamboo, such as watches, sunglasses, earring, bangles and much more. Click below to take a closer look and make your purchase.


Bamboo Watches

Bamboo sunglasses

Bamboo Jewellery

Bamboo is used to make durable kitchen utensils

Durable kitchen utensils, such as cups, plates, children’s dinner sets, dish cloths. Click below to take a closer look and make your purchase.


Bamboo cutting board

Bamboo straws

Bamboo travel cups / coffee cups

Bamboo kitchen accessories

Bamboo dinner sets for children

Bamboo used to make mats and rugs

Also along with mats and rugs, bamboo diffusers. Click below to take a closer look and make your purchase.

Bamboo mats / rugs


Bamboo diffusers

I have added essential oil to go with the diffuser. Click below to take a closer look and make your purchase.

Bamboo diffusers

Essential oils


Bamboo Toothbrushes

Now this is one of my favourites because this is a product that is used a least a couple times a day along with fluoride toothpaste which I will leave for another article. Click below to take a closer look and make your purchase.


Bamboo Toothbrushes

Fluoride Free Toothpaste


Bamboo Clothing

Now when it comes to bamboo clothing, I feel that I need to go into more detail. Click below to take a closer look and make your purchase.

Bamboo Clothing



What is Bamboo Fabric?

Let me start off by saying that bamboo fabric is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Bamboo as made its mark as an eco-crop.  It is a fast growing grass that has many uses from construction to household products.

A Little About Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo uses a lot less chemicals and is more environmentally friendly than cotton.  There are several ways that are used to turn bamboo into fabric.

One way is by combing out the bamboo fibres and spinning the fibres into thread.

When it comes to sustainable farming potential bamboo has the advantage over cotton.  A lot of work as gone into making bamboo more widely available, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable and the development into creating the soft and silky bamboo fabrics that we have today.


Copper Water Bottle

You can read my article on the benefits from drinking water from a copper bottle. Click below to take a closer look and make your purchase.

Copper Bottles


Thank you for reading this article / buying guide and hope that you found it helpful and useful in make your purchase of alternative products to plastic.

I would really appreciate your liking and sharing this article and would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Thank you


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