1. Emily Hii

    I definitely found lots of useful information just to browse through your site! I bought one I forgotten the brand with only basic features, which I don’t  really find it useful. I would seriously consider buying one of those after discussing with my husband. Thanks for doing these reviews and I share with the mother group that always have mums looking for stroller recommendations and reviews!

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Emily

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated

      These Chicco Strollers are one of the very best on the market and they have really done there homework on them from all angles.

      I hope to see you soon after you have discussed with your husband.

      Thank you so much for sharing this buying guide with your mother’s group I really appreciate that.

      Many thanks


  2. Rika

    Hi Jennifer,

    So many choices!  I want to buy a dear friend of mine a gift for a stork party coming up in a couple of weeks.  I was thinking of a good baby stroller.  I have read your review and looked at all the options but just cannot make up my mind.  Could you maybe make a recommendation?

    It is her first baby and she is planning to have more kids.  Something that will last for a long time would be good.  A car seat stroller combo option is a good idea, but this means she needs to take the car seat out every time.  In your experience do you think this will be practical?

    I tried to see what the cost difference is between the strollers, but your links to the pricing are not working:)

    Thanks for a great review!

    • Jennifer David

      Hi and thank you Rika for your visit and comment much appreciated.

      The Travel System Stroller seems to be the better option because you then have the car seat along with the stroller. So you can have the car seat in place and the stroller in the trunk.

      You may also be interested in looking at the build your own so that you can include what you want in your travel system.

      Baby Strollers and Baby Buggies Best Buy: Buying Guide 2019

      This would be an awesome gift for your friend and will last a long time.

      I hope that this is helpful

      Many thanks


  3. Janelle

    A co-worker of mine found out she was having twins, and a group of us decided that we’d all go in together and buy a double stroller.  The Cortina Together and Echo Twin strollers are the 2 that we’re considering, and I wanted to get more info on them.  The link that you provided gave me an error, so could you let me know what they both cost and which one you would recommend?  

    Thank you!

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Janelle

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated.

      I am so grateful that you told me about the links which I have corrected now. They are all working thanks to your notifying me.

      So now you can check the prices straight from this page. 

      Which double stroller you choose will depend on what you want from the stroller for example if your want extra carrying space at the bottom of the stroller or you want a stroller that will fit easily into the trunk of your car.

      Would you prefer a side by side such as the Echo twin stroller or one in front of the other such as the Cortina Together which will be easier to go in and out of doorways and public transport.

      The Prices are Echo Twin Stroller – $189.99

      The Cortina Together Double Stroller – $299.99

      I hope this helps

      Many thanks


  4. Dora

    I am so excited to come across your website, because I have been searching for a modern day stroller for my sister’s first baby.  Since it’s her first baby I wanted to get her a stroller that is light weight so it will be easy for her to pack it into her car, because she travels frequently.  I believe that the lite-way stroller would be best for her. Thank You so much for making my job of finding a nice stroller much easier.  


    • Jennifer David

      Thank you Dora for your visit and comment much appreciated

      I think that you have made a brilliant choice with the lite-way stroller. I am also glad that you found this Stroller buying guide helpful and useful.

      Many thanks


  5. Greg Cook

    Thanks for that informative post. It’s been a few years since I have used these, my kids are 11 and 12 now, but I am impressed with what is available now that wasn’t available when my kids were in a stroller. The technology has really come a long way. 

    I really like the jogging strollers, I see few of them round now. These are an excellent way of getting rid of the last few pounds of excess weight if you can’t get time to go to a gym. A good stroller goes a long way to making life a bit easier for new Mums. Thanks for a great post.

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Greg

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated

      Yes Stroller technology have come a long way with a long on research behind the scenes.

      The Jogging Strollers are an amazing concept and are becoming more and more popular these days.

      Thanks for your input and would really appreciate you sharing this Stroller Buying guide.

      Many thanks


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