1. Babsie Wagner

    I don’t mind spending a little more for the perfect blender like this because of the nutrient extraction factor.  When I blend my fruits and veggies, first I don’t want a bunch of chunks, and that’s what you get with those cheap blenders and personal processors.  You get chunks.  With a blender the quality of these, you’re going to get a smooooooth beverage, and that’s why I will buy one of these over those other ones any day.  Great info and I’m glad you have links to buy them.  Thanks.

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Babsie

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated.

      Yes to are right, with a good quality blender like the Nutri Ninja you are going to get a smoooooth smoothie every time.

      No chunks here.

      Yes you can get your Nutri Ninja right here on JADa’s Buying Guide.

      Many Thanks


  2. I never used to use blenders too much but now with smoothies so popular, I’d love to get a blender that I would use a lot.
    There are so many blenders listed here which makes it a little difficult to choose one.
    I think the one that I would like is the Nutri Ninja Slim Blender & Smoothie Maker 700W silver. Would you say this is one of the better ones listed or is there another you would suggest?

    • Hi Rob
      Thank you for your visit and comment, much appreciated.
      The Nutri Ninja Range is one of the top rated blenders and this is why they are on JADa’s Buying Guide. All the blenders are brilliant and i would say that it comes done to which design your prefer and the Watt you prefer.
      The Nutri Ninja Slim and Smoothie Maker 700W Silver is a cute design, but the final choice would be yours.
      Many thanks

  3. Paul

    Dear Jennifer,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed and in-depth information on Nutri Ninja Blenders.

    “About Ninja” topic gave a lot of new insights about the company which is helpful.

    Thanks for those eight options which provides enough variety, details and price ranges. For sure your post saves a lot of time for us.

    We make more Smoothies so the Nutri Ninja Blender and Smoothie Maker with Auto-iQ (1000W) Sage interests me and I will share your post with my wife for sure.

    Thanks again for the post.

    Wishing you great success!


    • Jennifer David

      Hi Paul

      Thank you for your visit and comment, much appreciated.

      Yes I think that it is important to know a little more about the company and I found it really interesting information whilst I was researching so I thought that I would share it.

      The Nutri Ninja Blender and Smoothie Maker with Auto-iQ (1000W) Sage is a good way to go.

      Many thanks and hope to see you again soon


  4. Nicki V

    Nice review on all of the Ninja blenders.  I am in need of a new blender and I’m not sure which way to go. I do really like the look of those Ninja blenders and I may not need one that is too big.  I also like how they come with the glasses and lids so I could just blend and go in the morning.

    Which one would you recommend for someone who just wants to make simple fruit smoothies in the morning?  And do yo now the average prices for these?

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Nicki

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated.

      in answer to your questions

      Nutri Ninja Slim blender and smoothie maker (700W) – black would be a good one if you just want the basics and this model also crushes ice. Today there is a special offer price £29.99 Which you can get here. The normal price is £59.99.

  5. Matt

    Jennifer, I own a couple of espresso bars and I am looking at upgrading my blenders for frappes that we make in store. After looking at your reviews, I think the Pro Auto IQ might be the model I am looking for. Ideally every product we blend has ice in it so I need to know that the blades and the machine lives up to it’s name or is it more designed for personal use. The 1100 Watt power is ideal, however I cannot see what the Oz or litre capacity is. If you could let me know that would be great. Cheers

  6. sanjay

    I haven’t bought a Ninja blender yet but reading  good reviews about it. I want a powerful blender that can perform all the kitchen tasks easily and cleaning and operating not to be complicated.Thanks for the detail information about Ninja company. I would definitely like to have a Ninja in my kitchen very soon.

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Sanjay

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated.

      It would depend on what you want you Ninja to do.  I will be writing a buying guide for the Ninja Kitchen System which maybe better suited for your needs.  It will be coming soon so you can subscribe to my website so that you will get notified when I publish it.

      Many thanks


  7. Genesis

    A Nutri Ninja is on my wishlist. It looks amazing. I really want to start grinding my own peanut butter and such, do you think it would work well for that? Is it strong enough to handle grains and belnd them up, like turning oats into oat flour? These are things I look for in a great blender. Thanks for the review.

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Genesis

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated.

      I am so glad that you have this on your wish list and welcome you back when you are ready to buy.

      Yes I have used mine for making oat flour and it does it brilliantly. i would also add they are designed for items such as peanut butter, grains and seeds so you can not go wrong.

      Many thanks


  8. Jason

    Thanks for the article! I enjoyed reading it. I had no idea that Ninja and Shark were affiliated with each other lol.

    Do you know if these blenders allow for a “chunky” blend? Someone said that they are so powerful that it blends to a liquid almost immediately. That doesn’t seem to be such a good feature if you are looking to make smoothies with fruit chunks or something like that…. 

    Love the post! I’d love to hear what you think about that Shark robot vacuum. 

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Jason

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated

      I must admit that i did not know that Shark and Ninja were affiliated until I started doing my research in the company.  This made my research even more exciting.

      In answer to your question I like my smoothies really smooth with no bits in it at all and I get my results perfectly but My brother likes his smoothies with a little bit eg. with bits still in it.  so he blends his with less time and gets his results, he also would blend in two parts.

      First he would put the ingredients that he wants smooth in and then add the ingredients that he want s chunky in later and blend for a little time and this seems to work for him.

      i hope this answers your question

      Many thanks


  9. Alexander

    I like the look of the black and red trendy Ninja blender, but it might be better to get one of the more powerful ones. Smoothies for breakfast are one of my favorites. I have some really good organic smoothie recipes. You could do an article on organic smoothie recipes – that would be a cool complement to your Ninja Blenders review.

    Very glad to know about Euro-Pro’s 5 star excellent customer service – some really good testimonials.

    I think Shark vacuums are really good products, also.

    Thank you

    • Jennifer David

      Hi and thank you Alexander for your visit and comment much appreciated.

      Yes thank you for your feedback on Organic smoothie recipes good idea and I thank you for that so it will be coming soon.

      The Red and Black Nutri Ninja is a powerful blender and can stand on its own.

      Many thanks


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